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Who wouldn't want a delicious cup of coffee?

Some people might only like coffee when they feel like it. But I, on the other, is in love and definitely crazy over it! It has a nice aroma, tastes great, keeps you warm and keeps you awake. And just imagine the delightful feeling when one is drinking coffee, it is very satisfying!

Since I work in a BPO company, coffee has become my daily partner. With its caffeine, coffee is a surefire to boost my energy to keep me awake all through the night. From the moment I wake until before I go to the office, drinking coffee become my nightly ritual.

And sometimes, I visit some coffee shops and try out their coffee right after work or even during the weekends. I usually go there with friends or with my significant other (he's a tea lover by the way). Hot or Iced? It doesn't matter to me, coffee is coffee.

But there are times that going to Starbucks, Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf or any local coffee shops is not an option and I just feel lazy to brew my own cup, that's when I take advantage of ready-to-drink coffee! Oh yes, those in cans or boxes and as it says on the label, they are best served cold.

Let's start with a popular and one of the most chosen instant coffee brand by Nestle in the Philippines that needs no introduction, Nescafé. They have these so-called #KapeSarapInABox ready-to-drink concoction that actually started with just White Mocha and French Vanilla. However, I was also able to try out their new Caramel Macchiato and Cafe Au Lait flavors. This give me a chance to enjoy an ice cold, cafe style coffee anytime, anywhere!

And I decided to make a review of these four variants just to give you a heads up. By the way, I am not paid to write this post so expect a very honest review.


It's sweet and cold. Oh, that's it! The coffee flavor of this one is weaker than the others, maybe because of the presence of cocoa powder. And I can barely taste the essence of white chocolate.


It tastes like coffee but it doesn't live up to its name. It's milkier than White Mocha but it doesn't have a trace of vanilla. I don't really find it satisfying and this is not a flavor I will recommend.


Finally, it is definitely Caramel Macchiato. It has buttery taste and has a pronounced caramel flavor. The sweetness is a little overwhelming, well for me. Those who love their coffee sweet will love this flavor.


Surprisingly, this is my favorite. With the rich, creamy sweetness of condensed milk, I didn't expect that it will have just the right bitter-sweet taste that I love.

But don't just take my word for it.  Grab one today but I highly recommend you give all variants a shot and feel refreshed!

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