SUMMER | And Where To Go

Its April and its SUMMER!
Its time to pack my things and enjoy the sun!
Unlike last year and the years before, I havent had a chance of going someplace away from overbearing stress of work and the city. But luckily this time, I was able to get a 2-day vacation leave right before the weekend which is my off!
Finally, I get to enjoy the summer!
And I already have a destination in mind – Bolinao, Pangasinan.
           Right after I get out of work on Thursday morning this holy week, my boyfriend and I together will be travelling to his hometown which is Bolinao. It is a first class municipality located at the northernmost tip of western Pangasinan. Known for its lovely beaches, captivating caves, fresh sea foods and lighthouse – we can say that it is a hidden gem of Pangasinan.
            Well be staying at his parents house so lodging wouldnt be a problem. But the question is, will we be able to explore Bolinao? As someone who grew up there, my boyfriend doesnt share the excitement that I feel when we talk about the places to visit in Bolinao. For him, they are just common places. But for me who hardly had a chance to travel, exploring Bolinao is a rare chance and I dont want to miss it.

            I cant wait to enjoy the sunset, eat local delicacies and take a lot of pictures.
            Im not asking for the best summer experience. I just want to enjoy, relax and have a break. I just want it to be good. Because for someone like me who havent had a decent summer vacation, good is already the best.

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