Have you ever been in one of those moods where you don't really know what's wrong but you just want to be alone? When you just don't want to be in a crowd and you just want to take a break.

With our society changing every single day, sometimes living in the city can be a hassle and a little overbearing. So it's no surprise that you would want to be alone sometimes and shut yourself from the rest of the world and all its troubles.

When I was still single and haven't met my better half, I am always out to party. I always long for loud music, the crowd and the alcohol since it helps me forget things for a while. I go to bars and hang out with friends on weekends.

However during the weeknights, I always have to drag myself to work. And I tell you, working as an account associate in a big telecommunication company in the US is no joke. Talking to customers and trying to meet your daily targets can be stressful. It drains all my energy just to get the job done.

And after a stressful week, here comes the weekend again.

But sometimes, I just want to forget my job or the parties I get to attend. I just want to stepped away from all of that and take some time just to be alone.

And being alone is never lonely. It actually provides you an opportunity to get to know yourself better, to treat yourself and be productive at the same time.

Here are a handful of things that I can recommend you do when you feel like taking a time off from the world.


Digging into a good book has always been a part me and it never failed to melt away stress. And reading can also be therapeutic  since all my worries just slips away when I lose myself in a great story.

When was the last time you read a book? You should pick up a good book that suits your personal preferences, sit back and relax. Reading can distract your mind off your troubles for a while. A good story also provides satisfaction and relax your mind.


You don't really have to take a vacation. Just go somewhere you've never gone before. Try to discover new places to visit from time to time that gives you a sense of peace.

Travelling alone promotes self-discovery and stretches your comfort zone. It will allow you to make new friends, speak to strangers and experience new things which will make you realize how little you actually knew about the world.

You might want to check out 26 Places To Visit Around The World.


Being alone will let you appreciate food more and you will end up eating things that are new to you. Be it street food or restaurant, you will have all the time to savor and enjoy the flavor of what you eat.

Dining alone will also allow you to experience more solitude  and have a moment to unwind and focus on just one thing - your meal.


There's nothing wrong with a bit of alone time when watching a movie in the cinema. I am such a movie buff that I always catch movies alone sometimes. Just like reading, it will draw you away from worries and stress.

Besides when you are alone, you can see whatever movie you want and you'll almost never have trouble finding a seat.


After all the hard work, you don't really need to find a reason to treat yourself to a massage. And being alone gives you a chance to give your body the relaxation it needs. Though massage therapy can help you relax, you will be surprise that it can do much more than that.

It actually provides many befits such as increased circulation, relaxation of of injured and overused muscles, reduces muscle spasms and cramping, increased joint flexibility and help recover from strenuous workouts.

It also reduces anxiety, relieve tension headaches and helps you sleep better.


However, you don't feel like going out and you just want to stay home, then redecorating your room would be a great idea to pass the time and be productive. Try changing your wallpaper or move your bed to the other side of the room.

Take your time to rearrannge your bedroom furnitures and make sure that it would be relaxing to encourage rest.

We live in a very hectic society. And taking a break sometimes is not necessarily a bad thing since it will give us a chance to get a better understanding of ourself.


  1. Im simply in love with this post of yours because it defines the way how i am living my life right now to the T. Alone but not lonely because there is os much to do, places to see etc

  2. I hear you about the stress draining your energy!! I love the 'eat all you want'. I miss doing that! Ha now I have to share my food when the other half is around!! Ree Love30

  3. Great ideas. I love having some alone time. I like being around people, but I need some time on my own as well. I love reading /writing / watching series and movies.

  4. Great post with great ideas. I go for grabbing a book and having a good read. xx


  5. When I'm alone, I can do whatever I wish to do, like continuing my hobbies, reading books, movie marathon, pig-out etc. It's fun and satisfying :D

  6. Amazing ideas I must say! I love reading a book so being alone is not really an issue..

  7. Well, this is so simple and amazing ideas. I usually just procrastinate on Tumblr and wait for the time to pass.
    Tina von S | http://lifestylerookie.com/

  8. I just love spending time with myself ♥ Nice article :) ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ

    * Le blog de la Licorne *

  9. I always eat whenever I am alone. I just eat and eat and sleep.

  10. I love spending time by myself and usually end up reading, watching movies, or cleaning!

  11. What a great read! I definitely enjoy spending some alone time with a good book! <3

  12. Ah you said it all...cooking can be added too..for those that enjoy cooking..But all these are great stress Busters...

  13. There is a difference between loneliness and choosing to be alone. Indeed wanting to be alone is rather healthy and many people ask for personal time. People need to enjoy being by themselves too.

  14. This is actually the story of my life hahaha..I guess there are really things worth doing when you're alone..just make friends with yourself and you'll definitely never be alone...
    Nice one Hatsuharu ....


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