A relationship is easy to make. But good lasting relationship takes work. It doesn't simply happen and it is tough to make it stronger and lasting. No matter how great the relationship you share with your significant other, it takes patience, understanding and a lot of time to make it work.

It's great to know some ways to keep that spark between the two of you even if sometimes things are tough. Here are some things to remember to make your relationship stronger.


In the world we live in today, relationships last for only a few days, maybe weeks or if you're lucky, it can be as long as a couple of months. Love is an essential foundation in a relationship and is vital to keep a relationship working. Without it, a relationship is as fragile as glass and can easily be broken. We can always define it a lot of ways but we all know that it is like a bridge connecting two hearts. It makes us feel important and secure. It is also an expression of deep affection both physical and emotional. Never mistake love to infatuation. Infatuation is only an intense short-lived feeling of admiration wherein love is a deep affection for someone that lasts the test of time.


Falling in love is easier than trusting someone. It is something that both of you should build together. When you are in a relationship, you are basically entrusting your heart to your partner and feel safe about it physically and emotionally. A relationship not anchored in trust will not survive long because, without it, there's no relationship at all. Doubt crisis will always be a part of a relationship but trust pushes us to believe that we can always conquer every obstacle.


Commitment is a vital part of a relationship that creates a sense of safety and security. Without it, the trust will not take root and love will wither. Being committed in a relationship provides a better understanding of how important you are to your significant other and how both of your actions contribute to strengthen the foundations of your relationship. Being committed means being faithful. It is an important aspect of a relationship that helps deepen your love. When you are committed, you make yourself an open book to your partner. Your significant other needs to see your good and bad side. It helps him/her understands you better.


Communicate with your partner has more into it. It's not about a simple exchange of words but also an exchange of feelings. Communicate means you verbalize your emotions and by doing that you're making yourself vulnerable. And being vulnerable in front of the person you love is showing that you have trust in him/her. It means that you disregard your pride and that he/she still respects you and makes you feel loved. It also means that you stop hiding things or lying. You need to be honest at all times.

When you communicate, you try to do things with your partner. Either go out for dinner or catch a movie or just watch your favorites show at home. Always try something new like traveling together. See places you haven't been and enjoy the experience together with your significant other.

Talk about your goals. Be expressive of your thoughts and opinions but never forget respect and understanding. With this, your relationship will be a safe haven of your dreams and together you support and strive to reach your goals.


Respect is as important as the other foundations of a good relationship. It is the building block of a healthy relationship. Respect shows understanding and care. It also establishes acceptance and a degree of appreciation. You should be willing to compromise and show consideration.

There are a lot of things that you can do to keep a healthy relationship that will surely be for a lifetime. Just make sure that you are really in love before you commit to a relationship. Love is the foundation of all the aspects of a good relationship. Never let yourself fall out of it.


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  2. These are all great tips and should be remembered all the time. Thank you for sharing these one. I'll make sure to keep it in mind.


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